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Built in partnership with the IUT A of Lille, the objective of the Innovative Textile Professional License (T-IN) is to train executives between the operator and the decision-maker with knowledge of the textile product.

In addition to this scientific and technological education, the license is open to the outside world by participating with its students in conferences, trade shows or company visits.

This degree has received the support of the employers’ branch (UIT Nord) and the association of textile companies (Clubtex).

The program

The training can be followed in initial training, in continuing education or in alternating training (with a professionalization contract).

The 450 hours of teaching are organized in two semesters (S5 and S6) and around 6 blocks of skills:

Block 1
Being and knowing how to be

Communication techniques and languages with social and legal aspects

Block 2
Usual textile

Study of the material (yarn, fiber) that composes it and its assembly techniques (weaving, knitting, spinning...)

Block 3
Technical textiles

Product technicality and everything that gives textiles improved properties, but also medical textiles, smart-textiles…

Block 4
Quality, Environment and Production

Quality, environment, the company and financial management

Block 5
Product management

Specificities of production and management from supply to distribution.

Block 6

Divided in 2 :
Tutored project (project management)

Blocks 2 and 3 “Usual Textile” and “Technical Textile” take place at ENSAIT for a volume of approximately 190 hours at ENSAIT. 

 Initial training

14-week internship, from mid-March to June

 Training by apprenticeship

  • September to All Saints’ Day vacations:
    Full time at the IUT A of Lille
  • From All Saints’ Day to Christmas vacations:
    3 days at the IUT and 2 days in the company per week
  • From January to mid-March :
    2 days at the IUT and 3 days in the company per week
  • From mid-March to the end of August :
    Full time in the company

 Validation of the diploma

The diploma is awarded to the student who has obtained an average of more than 10/20 in all the teaching units as well as in the tutored project and the internship.


Admission by a jury after examination of the application files and a motivation interview.

Can be admitted:

  • Students with a BTS, DUT, L2 scientific or CPGE
  • Students from preparatory classes on exemption or on file
  • Employees who have validated their studies or acquired experience
  • Continuing education trainees who can follow the courses full time.

Additional information and application

And after the degree ?

Graduates of the Innovative Textiles professional degree can aim for the following professions

  • Supervisor: process industry, project management
  • Technical manager: installation of industrial equipment, quality and production control, study, research and development
  • Industrial engineering executive: technical sales representative, industrial buyer
  • Assistant in commercial purchasing units and qualities: technical salesman, industrial buyer

In these sectors: medical, geotextiles, building, civil engineering, transport, protection, sports/leisure, electronics, research and development,

Contacts at the IUT A of Lille

Francine Roudet,
Co-responsible of the training

03 62 26 82 86

Didier Chicot,
Co-responsible of the training

03 62 26 82 86

Contact à l'ENSAIT

François Rault,
Co-responsible of the training