Are you an international student? ENSAIT’s international scope allows students from its partner universities to come and study in France. An exchange semester, a double degree or a project in our research laboratory? Choose the course that suits you according to your profile! 

In addition, benefit from a minimum of one semester’s experience in France. L’ENSAIT is located in the Hauts-de-France region, a region rich in French heritage. Ideally located in the heart of the European megalopolis, the Lille metropolis is close to London, Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam.

Discover the full ENSAIT programm and the useful guide booklet !

One semester of courses in English

Doubles diplômes

The double degree allows you after two years at a university to obtain the ENSAIT diploma as well as that of the partner university. In other words, 4 years of study (instead of 3) for two diplomas.

The double degrees offered with different countries :


Soo Chow University and Dong Hua University





University Do Minho


University of Saint Petersburg


Shin Shu Université

A semester or a year of study at ENSAIT

Sorry, good command of French needed…

The ENSAIT allows students from its partner universities to follow a semester or a year on its premises. Find the programme below:

A project in the research laboratory

Even if you don’t speak French

Would you like to take part in a scientific project? Our team will put you in touch with our research laboratory, GEMTEX. It is the first university laboratory in Europe. Launched more than 25 years ago, it enjoys a national and international reputation. It brings together several areas of expertise: materials chemistry, mechanics, composites, sustainable development, advanced materials. 

Research applied to textiles is organised around the following three themes:

French language and culture courses

As soon as you join ENSAIT as part of an exchange semester, a double degree or a project in the research laboratory, you can automatically benefit from courses in French language and French culture!

French courses

In an effort to better integrate international students, ENSAIT offers (and strongly recommends) French as a Foreign Language courses to all its non-French speaking students. French as a Foreign Language courses are offered at several levels.

  • Degree programs

ENSAIT’s degree courses are taught in French, so students enrolled in one of these courses must demonstrate a minimum level of B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) at the beginning of their degree program. This level optimizes the chances of success of their engineering curriculum and enables them to fulfil the language requirements of the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI). In addition to this prerequisite level, international students follow FLE courses at ENSAIT throughout their studies. Particular attention is paid to written and oral production.

They are therefore expected to progress from the beginner to the advanced independent user level, they must be able to:

– Characterize, comment, give their opinion, express nuances, interact, reformulate, structure their speech, express thoughts and feelings in an objective and subjective way

  • Non-degree programs

For non-degree courses (exchange semesters or years, laboratory projects, etc.) where non-linguistic subjects are taught in English, the objectives of French as a foreign Language courses are more practical and cultural. Learners are introduced to the basics of the language for everyday life – or in more depth, depending on their starting level – and the customs/particularities of life in France are presented to them. Students should be able to:

– Introduce themselves and someone else, approach someone, describe a person or a situation, tell and ask for the time, make an acquaintance, make a purchase, congratulate/thank you, make an appointment, situate in space and time, use of politeness formulas.

  • Summer courses

For students who have not yet fully reached the B2 level at the time of enrolment at ENSAIT (before the summer), ENSAIT encourages students to enrol in the summer courses offered by the International Academy International Academy | The Summer University for International Students in Hauts-de-France (

ENSAIT may cover the cost of these summer courses at the International Academy if the application is of a merit nature.  Applications can be made to the International Relations Department.


French Culture – What makes the French so French ?

The course aims to give some cultural keys concerning the culture (way of life, society, gastronomy, politics, religion…), main historical events, major artistic tendencies, thoughts, fundamental symbols (concrete or abstract) representing French memory. The goal is to give some keys to help the students understand the current French society and integrate better.

We will first start with stereotypes to then mainly focus on heritage, culture and some important dates and facts and see how they continue in many different ways influencing the contemporary reality. Students will have the opportunity to get out of the classroom for:

  • A visit of the Old Lille and its main historical places
  • An apprentice chef’s experience on French cuisine (no prerequisite skills needed).
  • A French buffet tasting cooked by the French students of ENSAIT
  • Cooking and tasting an international buffet to discover flavors from all over the world, and share the savors of your country
  • The discovery of French culture by being accompanied by a member of the ENSAIT community.


 The "n+i" network

ENSAIT is a member of the “n+i” network, an association of French Engineering Grandes Ecoles which have chosen to pool their international cooperation actions in order to facilitate the recruitment and reception of foreign students in France as well as their students’ stays abroad.

The “n+i” Network offers international students personalized support tailored to their needs.

It also encourages its members to establish cooperation agreements with higher education institutions around the world to enable their own students to achieve academic mobility.

Once admitted to ENSAIT and having arrived in France, “n+i” students benefit from one or more “pathway to success” programmes with the aim of facilitating their integration into French university life and continuing their studies under the best conditions: the Cultural Integration Package (PIC), the Linguistic Integration Package (PIL) and the Methodological Integration Package (PIM).

A single, free registration allows you to apply in one go to all the Grandes Ecoles of Engineering members of the “n+i” Network.

 Campus France

Campus France is a public institution under the dual supervision of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Campus France provides foreign students and researchers with tools to help them get to know French higher education institutions better and find the right one for their project.

The Buddy System: our welcoming culture

Each international student receives an Ensait  Buddy before arriving in France.

This connection is made via the Buddy System managed by the international section of the BDE – Bureau Des Etudiants (students’ union).

This Buddy System aims to set up a privileged relationship between a newcomer international student and an ENSAIT student even before arriving in France. This allows a personalized and individual welcome, an accompaniment in certain steps, a helping hand for the courses etc.

It is also a chance for the ENSAIT student to be exposed to different cultures and languages before her/his period abroad.

It is a win-win experience rich in exchange and sharing.

Contact : Marie Hombert – +33 (0)3 20 25 89 51 – marie.hombert(@)



Marie-Pierre Delespierre,
Director of International Relations and Erasmus Coordinator.


Marie Hombert,

100% dedicated to international students to help them before arrival and during their stay with admnistrative tasks, registration, accommodation, buddy system and much more…