The library, built in 1881, is listed in the supplementary inventory of historical monuments. The place, exceptional, offers to its readers an unusual architecture.

Consultation of the textile library


Ten computer workstations are available for documentary research (textile databases, Techniques de l’Ingénieurs, Kompass, etc.).

The library specialises in Engineering Sciences, but also and above all in Textiles.

ENSAIT’s rich collection of documents includes numerous paper and electronic works, articles, dissertations, engineering students’ projects, theses and research masters, internship reports, etc.

You will also find subscriptions to periodicals, particularly the specialist press.

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For professionals from outside ENSAIT

This specialised collection is available to professionals through a range of services, from simple on-site consultation to in-depth information research by our documentation service.

Consultation of the collection is open to the general public by appointment (telephone or e-mail) for visitors from outside ENSAIT.

For ENSAIT staff and engineering students

All you need to do is register with the library. Your registration will allow you to borrow a maximum of 3 books for 3 weeks.

History of the Library

The ENSAIT library has a rich history. Initially established as part of the school itself in 1881, it was combined with an instruction centre, an unusual configuration at the time. This proximity facilitated access for students and the public, while providing an environment conducive to study, away from the distractions of noisy workshops.
After the Second World War, the Roubaix library was moved to rue du Château in Roubaix, but the ENSAIT library continued to play a vital role in the academic life of the school.
Unfortunately, in 1975, a fire destroyed part of the school’s premises, also affecting the library. This event marked a turning point in the history of the library, which has since been renovated and is now dedicated to supporting ENSAIT students, offering a wide range of resources to support their learning and research.

Project to renovate the Library's old stock

Preserving ENSAIT's literary heritage


Your contact

Domenica SZRAMA

Domenica SZRAMA

Head of Library
+33 (0)3 20 25 64 74