enter ensait in 1st OR 2nd year



Roubaix (France)


Full-time studies

Admission level

International French or non-French diploma (master or bachelor level)

Duration of studies

3 or 2 years

Degree obtained

ENSAIT engineer

Places available

3 people

French-speaking students

Certified B2+ level in French minimum (DELF B2 > 60/100 or TCF > 450/699)

1. Application deadline: April 09, 2024

For applicants residing in a country where Campus France is present

International applicants are required to submit their application to enroll in the ENSAIT engineering program on the Campus France platform. Applications submitted after April 09, 2024 will no longer be accepted.

For applicants residing in a country where Campus France is not present
Create your ENSAIT candidate account

To take the ENSAIT initial training entrance exam, you must create an ENSAIT candidate account.

When you create your ENSAIT candidate account, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your access codes (remember to check your spam folder).

Putting together a selection file

The selection file can only be created digitally via the ENSAIT engineering entrance exam candidate account.

You must complete all the information requested. Certain supporting documents must be uploaded:

  • Original transcripts of your post-baccalaureate studies and, if necessary, their translation into French, authenticated and certified by a competent authority (mandatory)
  • Notice of continuation of studies in French or, failing that, in English from the head of the course (if already available before the closing date for the selection file). A template for this is available on the candidate account (required).
  • Candidate’s CV and covering letter (required)
  • Identity document (passport) or birth certificate, translated into French and certified by a competent authority (required).
  • For students in training, the current year’s school leaving certificate, translated into French and certified by a competent authority (required).
  • A diploma attesting to a level of knowledge of the French language at least equivalent to B2 (compulsory).

The application fee of €30 must be paid via the candidate account. If you are unable to pay the registration fee online, please contact the concours department as soon as possible. Competitions department

2. File selection

Following evaluation of the applications by the ENSAIT engineering entrance exam jury, selected candidates will receive their invitation to the oral exam by e-mail no later than April 20, 2024.

You can choose the date of the oral test and receive your invitation via your candidate account.

3. Oral interview on April 29 and 30, 2024

The oral test takes place remotely by videoconference. All technical details for videoconferencing are indicated on the invitation.

The oral test is a motivational interview lasting a maximum of 20 minutes. Candidates are asked to introduce themselves with their CV and covering letter. The candidate discusses with the interviewers (2 or 3) his or her expectations of training at ENSAIT, his or her short- and medium-term career plans, his or her skills, etc. The interviewers may ask questions relating to current affairs and general culture, particularly in the field of textiles. It’s important to note that discussions will take place both in French and English. The interviewers will also assess the quality and fluency of the candidate’s English.

A mark, set by the ENSAIT engineering entrance exam jury, is eliminatory for the oral test. Following the oral test, successful candidates are ranked. They will be notified of their ranked status no later than May 03, 2024.

4. Integration

Proof of at least BAC +2 or equivalent must be submitted with your application to ENSAIT.

You will be called on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability. You must respond to the call as soon as possible (calls close on May 16, 2024):

  • DEFINITIVE YES: the candidate definitively accepts his or her place at ENSAIT.
  • REFUSAL: the candidate definitively refuses admission to ENSAIT.

If there is no response to the call, the candidate will be considered to have resigned.

You will then be taken in charge by ENSAIT’s international relations department (invitation letter, visa application).

If you are accepted, you must report to the school on the first day of term. If not, you are considered to have resigned.

Non-French-speaking students

Application via n+i (application and interview)

Non-French-speaking international candidates are required to submit their application to join the ENSAIT engineering program on the n+i platform.

Do you have a question about admissions?

Admissions contact

Campus France contact

N+i contact