enter ensait in 1st year



Roubaix (France)


5 weeks at ENSAIT / 5 weeks on the job

Admission level

Scientific Bachelor

Duration of studies

3 years

Degree obtained

ENSAIT engineer

Places available

42 people

1. Registration and submission of a selection file


Create your ENSAIT candidate account

To take the ENSAIT apprenticeship entrance exam, you must create an ENSAIT candidate account.

This account allows you to :

  • follow the progress of your application,
  • find out your eligibility,
  • reserve a slot for the oral exams,
  • view your results online.

When you create your ENSAIT candidate account, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your access codes (remember to check your spam folder).

Putting together a selection file

The selection file can only be created digitally via the ENSAIT engineering entrance exam candidate account.
You must complete all the information requested. Certain supporting documents must be uploaded:

  • census certificate
  • attestation de pupille de la Nation (certificate of status as a ward of the Nation) entitling you to exemption from competitive entrance examination fees
  • attestation of scholarship entitling the applicant to exemption from competition fees
  • transcripts of grades from post-baccalaureate studies (mandatory)
  • notice of continuation of studies from the person in charge of the course (if already available before the closing date for compiling the selection file).A template for this form is available on the candidate account.
  • CV and cover letter (required)

The total registration fee of €30 must be paid via the candidate account. If you are unable to pay your registration fee online, please contact the ENSAIT Competitive Examination Department as soon as possible. The ENSAIT Competitive Examination Department cannot issue proof of payment, nor refund all or part of the registration fee.

It is possible to create or modify a selection file until April 30, 2024 noon. After April 30, 2024 2pm, any incomplete application and/or non-payment of registration fees will result in de facto withdrawal of the application for the ENSAIT engineering entrance exam.

Following evaluation of the applications by the ENSAIT engineering entrance exam jury, selected candidates are notified by e-mail to sit the oral exams.

The choice of date for the oral exams and the invitation to attend are obtained via the candidate account.

If your application is selected, you become admissible to ENSAIT

2. Invitation to oral tests

between April 29 and 30, 2024 for international students

Oral exams are held remotely by videoconference. All technical details for videoconferencing are indicated on the invitation.

Motivation interview (French)

During the motivational interview, which lasts a maximum of 20 minutes, you are asked to introduce yourself using your CV. You talk to the interviewers (2 or 3) about your expectations of your training at ENSAIT, your short- and medium-term career plans and your skills… The interviewers can ask questions about current affairs and general culture, particularly in the field of textiles.

The interview in English

For the English test, you will take an interview lasting a maximum of 15 minutes. This interview will follow the following steps. You must :

  • first, introduce yourself for three minutes without interruption, and be able to converse on the subject beyond the first 3 minutes;
  • secondly, prepare a proposal given by the examiner for one minute, and then speak uninterrupted on this proposal for two minutes. You should also be able to converse on this topic and/or on any related topics. This exercise broadly follows the style of the IELTS Speaking part 1/2/3 test. We therefore strongly advise you to watch videos on the Internet showing examples of how to prepare for this interview.
If your application is accepted, you will be classified at ENSAIT

Ranked candidates must complete their application by uploading the following documents before July 15, 2024 2:00 pm:

  • transcript of last semester’s marks (mandatory)
  • notice of continuation of studies from the training supervisor

The attestation of diploma BAC +2 or +3 (except CPGE candidates) must be submitted with your application to ENSAIT.

3. Find an apprenticeship contract


You are not definitively admitted to ENSAIT until you have found and signed an apprenticeship contract.

Within the limits of the remaining places available, the ranked candidate is officially considered to have been admitted to the apprenticeship course once he/she has obtained a promise of an apprenticeship contract.

The candidate’s transmission to the competitive examination department of the information that he or she has obtained a promise of an apprenticeship contract constitutes a positive response to the candidate’s request to join the apprenticeship program, and thus confirms his or her admission to the apprenticeship program.

Consequently, if a candidate who obtains the status of “admitted to apprenticeship training” also has the status of “classified for the initial training competition”, the candidate will automatically be considered to have resigned from the initial training competition and will be permanently removed from the initial training classification, with no possible appeal.

If a candidate admitted to the apprenticeship program loses his or her promise of a contract due to the company’s relinquishment or for any other reason beyond the candidate’s control, the ENSAIT engineering entrance exam jury will re-examine the application in order to maintain the candidate’s admission to the apprenticeship program, provided that another promise of a contract is obtained before September 1, 2024. After this date, and without obtaining a new promise of contract, the candidate’s admission to the apprenticeship program will no longer be guaranteed.
If a candidate admitted to apprenticeship training voluntarily renounces the promise of contract he/she presented to the competitive examination department in order to be admitted to apprenticeship training, or if he/she shows no interest in finalizing his/her apprenticeship contract, the ENSAIT engineering entrance examination jury will re-examine the application and reserve the right to invalidate the candidate’s status as admitted to apprenticeship training and to reposition the candidate as a classified candidate. Subject to the availability of the remaining places, the ranked candidate may again be admitted to the apprenticeship program after obtaining a new promise of apprenticeship contract.

Personalized support in finding an apprenticeship contract

Our apprenticeship department assists all candidates in their search for an apprenticeship contract by providing them with apprenticeship contract offers from our partner companies.

To access this service, simply click on the link below and complete the form on the page. Once your registration has been validated, a password will be sent to your e-mail address within 48 hours (please check your spam folder). This password will enable you to connect to our apprenticeship offers.

  • Help with CV writing
  • Cover letter proofreading
  • Interview advice
  • Access to apprenticeship offers from partner companies

For further information: contact the ENSAIT apprenticeship department apprentissage@ensait.fr03 20 25 64 89

Tuition fees

The cost of training an apprentice engineer is €13,087, but this is entirely covered by the OPCO and the company. This means that the apprentice has nothing to pay for his or her apprenticeship training at ENSAIT.

However, the apprentice must pay the CVEC (Contribution Vie Étudiante et de Campus) on

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