formation ingénieur ENSAIT

voie initiale sous statut étudiant

La formation initiale d’ingénieur textile à l’ENSAIT offre aux étudiants un équilibre entre théorie et pratique, les préparant à relever les défis de l’industrie textile. À travers des cours théoriques, des travaux pratiques en laboratoire et des projets professionnels, les étudiants acquièrent des compétences techniques et managériales. Encadrés par une équipe pédagogique expérimentée, ils sont préparés à occuper divers postes dans l’industrie textile et ses secteurs associés, dès la fin de leur formation.

ENSAIT engineering training

initial training under student status

The initial textile engineering course at ENSAIT offers students a balance between theory and practice, preparing them to meet the challenges of the textile industry. Through theoretical courses, practical laboratory work and professional projects, students acquire technical and managerial skills. Supervised by an experienced teaching team, they are prepared to take up a variety of positions in the textile industry and related sectors as soon as they graduate.



Roubaix (France)


Basic training


Commission des titres d'ingénieur
Certification RNCP

Admission level

Bac +2 in science and/or technology

Duration of studies

3 years

Degree obtained

ENSAIT engineer
Master's degree (Bac +5)

Places available
at the start of the 2024 academic year

for 75 people

At ENSAIT, we are shaping the textile engineers of tomorrow, with cutting-edge expertise and an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing the textile industry. Explore the exciting career opportunities open to our graduates, who come from a training programme that integrates cutting-edge technology, innovative research and partnerships with industry.

Our commitment to academic excellence and professional relevance is reflected in every aspect of our programme. Discover how our textile engineering school offers a unique experience, combining theory and practice to prepare students to excel in the dynamic world of textile engineering.

Join us for an exceptional academic adventure at ENSAIT, where higher education in textiles takes on a new dimension. Become a key player in the industry thanks to our initial training programme for textile engineers, rooted in innovation and looking to the future.

The specific skills of ENSAIT engineers

  • Recognise basic textile processes and situate them in the textile production chain (players, materials, relative costs).
  • Recognise basic textile structures, their treatment and assembly, differentiate and classify them.
  • Know, measure and characterise the properties of basic textiles.
  • Define the requirements for reproducing a basic textile product
  • Analyse an existing product and describe all the stages involved in its manufacture
  • Relate basic textile properties to their structure and/or process and vice versa. Example: choose the right materials according to the properties required.
  • Link textile products and processes to their context of application (functional specifications).
  • Integrate eco-design

Programme and timetable

1st year

• Common core

• Technician work placement 8 to 12 weeks in France or abroad

2nd year

• Common core

• Choice of one subject from :

IMS (Fashion & Services Engineering)
Specialised teaching on the implementation of a highly competitive industrial architecture adapted to the new requirements of the fashion and clothing market.

ITT (Technical Textile Engineering)
Specialised teaching in the design of innovative products based on fibrous materials for a wide range of application sectors: hygiene, medical, automotive, aeronautics, construction, civil engineering, industry, composites, personal protection, etc.

• International semester: university exchange

TOIEC validation 830 points

• 12 to 16 week engineering assistant placement in France or abroad

3rd year

• Common core

• Choice of one subject from :

IMS (Fashion & Services Engineering)
2 of 4 courses to choose from: Supply Chain, Connected Commerce, Luxury Fashion, Quality and Certification in Fashion

ITT (Technical Textile Engineering)
2 out of 4 courses to choose from: Composites, Intelligent Textiles, Protection and Comfort, Green and Sustainable Materials and Processes.

• Internship - 18-week end-of-studies project in France or abroad

Parallel courses available in 3rd year

Research Masters in Materials and Surface Engineering

Parallel course in partnership with ENSAM in Paris

Master's degree in medical devices and biomaterials - design and assessment

Parallel course in partnership with the University of Lille

Business creation and entrepreneurship stream

Parallel programme in partnership with Centrale Lille

Internships and work experience

International mobility

Further study after graduation

MIM Specialised Master’s Degree

Manager of Innovation and Product Development in Fashion

(Co-accredited partner school: Institut Français de la Mode / Academic partner: IAE Lille)

1 year

To find out more

Doctoral thesis at GEMTEX
textile research laboratory associated with ENSAIT

3 years

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ENSAIT engineering degree

3 years

Careers and career opportunities for ENSAIT engineers

ENSAIT’s career opportunities extend across a variety of fields and sectors including sport, luxury goods, fashion, medical, aeronautics, civil engineering and many others. In these sectors, our graduates occupy skilled engineering positions, using their technical expertise and creativity to meet the challenges and contribute to innovation in each field.

product manager

environmental engineer

engineering office manager

r&D engineer

textile laboratory manager


quality engineer

supply logistics engineer

production engineer

research engineer