Ici, naissent les innovations de demain

ENSAIT, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles depuis 1881

Here, the innovations of tomorrow are born

ENSAIT, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles since 1881

The Ensait engineer


ENSAIT offers a wide range of high-level training programs: engineers, masters, doctorates and specialized masters. Its graduates are prepared to take on the highest positions in business.

In addition to scientific, technological and managerial excellence, ENSAIT prepares its graduates to work in an increasingly complex and globalized environment.

130 years of textile excellence have made ENSAIT an international reference. Its research laboratory, GEMTEX, in the field of flexible materials and its numerous partnerships with the economic world guarantee the adequacy of its training with the needs of the markets.

Textiles are in all the flagships of French industry and in all the promising sectors of the future (transport, buildings, environment, geotextile…). They protect (PPE for defense and armament), enable many leisure activities (sports), heal (medical textiles) and dress (fashion, luxury).

ENSAIT offers its engineers the certainty of having varied and exciting jobs: quality, logistics, R&D, production and sales…

The keys of success


years of textile excellence


engineers per year


of students found their 1st job 3 months after graduation

33 000 €

gross annual salary upon graduation


doctoral students at GEMTEX

A network that supports

Each year, our partner companies welcome our engineering apprentices on a work-study basis.

The quality of extra-curricular life is at the heart of the integration process. Human and financial resources are put in place to support student life.

ENSAIT is a partner of 50 universities around the world. All of our engineering students participate in an international exchange program.

The student engineers benefit from the courses given by the laboratory’s research professors.